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Gaynor Minden Sleek Extra Flex Pointe Shoe

Gaynor Minden Sleek Extra Flex Pointe Shoe

The Sleek Fit Pointe Shoe is designed for a Slim Foot

The Extra Flex (Stiff) Shank is designed for Professional/Full Time Students


Available to Enquire Below for this item or to request a pointe shoe fitting

Please note at Stepping Out Dance World we take pride in every one of our customers and to ensure your pointe shoe fitting is completed with pride and care, we ask you to ensure bookings are made allowing extra time for your fitting. First Pointe shoes can take about an hour to ensure we find the best fit for you. This allows for you to try different styles of shoes and to allow us to help you prepare for your first class. We Highly Recommend a Pointe Shoe Fitting before purchasing Pointe Shoes. 



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